JIEM , Gadota (Jaipur)

About Us

Jaipur Institute of Engineering & Management, Jaipur a highly commendable private institute, occupies a place of pride amongst the premier technical institutes of the north India. Run by the MARUTI SIKSHA SAMITI, Jaipur.. It is approved by AICTE, New Delhi & affiliated to RTU, Kota. According to Indian mythology, 'Vishwakarma' was a divine architect-engineer. It is believed that He fashioned this world with his rare engineering skill. We are highly impressed & motivated by him, and start this Institute with a vision to develop engineers of high caliber, who could take up challenges of any type of an engineering job and make it a grand success, guided by originality and professionalism.

The campus boasts of lush green lawns that provide an ambience and a serene atmosphere of ancient Gurukuls far from the madding crowd. It has got 10 acres of land, out of which 6 acres as academic building area and 4 acres for playground, hostels and staff quarters. Available built up area for the entire institution is 32,045 sq. mts.


You are aware that we prepared our long term goal to achieve academic autonomy in the field of technical education to grow the technical manpower of the nation. We have a decided team of techno managers who are result-oriented, ambitious, rational and competitive with high risk taking ability and inquisitive mind. They are challenged by innovation at the same time have an understanding of their organization and a belief in their colleagues. I welcome you all in a new world of education for learning & implementing new concepts to face new challenges of the current global industry. The institute is also working on introducing more flexibility to choose the subjects in coming years. I wish that all the students will enjoy the system developed by the institute and therefore we have named it the Joyful learning Model. I wish all my students a Joyful learning and good luck in their academic endeavors.